School Dedicates Football Field to Graduate, Fan Austin Childers

FPD Athletic Director Greg Moore has announced on behalf of the school’s board of trustees and administration that the school will dedicate the football field to Austin Childers, a 2009 graduate and devoted fan who has battled mitochondrial disease for years.

A small, tearful group of family and friends crowded into Pine Pointe Hospice on Peake Road on Tuesday morning to be a part of the surprise ceremony.

Austin was wheeled into the lobby by his father, Chris, and Moore read a prepared statement announcing the news. Afterward, Austin spoke briefly to the crowd, thanking them for their support.

When the ongoing stadium renovation is complete, a sign designating the complex as Austin Childers Field at George S. Johnson Stadium will be displayed.

The full text of Moore’s remarks can be read below.

Proverbs 22:1

22 A good name is more desirable than great riches;
to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

Austin Childers, you certainly have a good name and without question, you are esteemed.

You teach us – all of us – daily – about things like passion, perseverance, priorities, and why relationships with people are ultimately all that matters.

These are the types of qualities we want FPD’s student-athletes and all of our school family for that matter – to exhibit. 

The name Austin Childers is synonymous with those qualities – and so much more.  And because of that – we want to honor you.  Right now!  We want people to see the name

Austin Childers and think of what it means to be passionate, to persevere, to prioritize things in your life, and to value people and relationships.

We want our student-athletes to see the name Austin Childers and understand that what they are doing in sports is a gift – a privilege – and they should honor that privilege by the way they play the game with passion and perseverance.

And so…

The Board of Trustees, the Administration, and the Athletic Department have all joined forces and want to do something for you – Austin Childers – that honors you and at the same time teaches those who see and hear your name about the things in this life that matter.

George S. Johnson Memorial Stadium is currently getting a facelift. Phase 1 of that reconstruction will be complete in about 90 days.  In the middle of Johnson Memorial Stadium lies a field that holds many a precious memory in the history of our school and certainly, for you personally as a member of one of those teams and a Captain.

That field has always just been called “the football field.”

Until now…

Austin, it is my honor and great privilege to announce this day on behalf of the Board and Administration that “the football field” will – from this day forward – be proudly known as Austin Childers Field.

Congratulations – we are so proud of you!

Austin Childers, center, with his brother, Garrett, and parents Chris and Ashley

Austin Childers, center, with his brother, Garrett, and parents Chris and Ashley