Catching Up With Taylor Floyd (’08)

MACON, Ga. – The First Presbyterian Day School Sports Information Office will be interviewing former Viking and Lady Viking athletes throughout the 2013 summer months as part of a “Catching Up With” series.

Next up is Taylor Floyd (class of 2008), who currently competes on the eGolf Tour, the stage before Q-School, in hopes to one day gain his PGA Tour card.

Floyd is no stranger to the links however, having played golf at a young age and maturing into a top contender at the high school level while at FPD.

At the collegiate level, he was part of back-to-back national championship teams in 2010 and 2011 while at Augusta State. The right-handed golfer worked his way up the team roster, becoming ASU’s no. 1 golfer his senior season while earning Team MVP honors.

During his senior campaign, Floyd also notched three top-10s and five top-25 finishes.

FPD Sports Information Director Chandler Lee conducted the interview, which can be read below.


CL: Taylor, thanks for joining us today. What is it like playing golf at a very high, competitive level?

TF: Well, it’s been my goal and my dream for awhile. It’s nice, it’s fun, I’m enjoying it, but it’s also really difficult. It’s really hard to get where I’m trying to get which is the PGA Tour. But, you have to start somewhere. There are so many guys that are in the same boat that I’m in, so playing on the eGolf Tour week in and week out is what I need to do to get my game where it needs to be for Q-school, which starts in September.

CL: Talk about some things that a lot of people don’t realize that you go through to keep your game real sharp week in and week out.

TF: I just don’t think people realize how many guys are out here (on tour) doing the same thing that I’m doing. There are 150 people weekly playing in these tournaments and realistically, there are 90 to 100 guys that are just as good as you that have a chance to win. I think the hardest part is realizing that you might not win or finish in the top-10, but it’s a learning process to try and get yourself out on the Tour and eventually earn your PGA Tour card.

CL: Tell us about the eGolf Tour, your highest finish and the events that are left this season.

TF: There’s quite a few events left. I had my best finish a few weeks ago. I finished seventh. Other than that, I’ve had a few finishes close to the top-10. I haven’t been close to winning yet, which is something I want to do. But, I feel like I’m getting better every week and that, I think, is the most important thing for me every week.

CL: Specifically, what do you work on getting better at?

TF: I’ve been working really hard lately on my wedge game with my coach in Macon. That has always been a weakness of mine. When I get around the green and about 100 yards in, my wedge game and my putting needs to get better. From off the tee, I’m right where I want to be. A lot of it also is experience. With it being my first year out here, I’m still learning what it takes to score and succeed. If I can just keep getting better from around the green, then I should be in good shape.

CL: How did FPD help you realize your aspirations of wanting to play golf at a higher level?

TF: Golf is a little different at the high school level. Coaches aren’t necessarily concerned about your scores. It’s more of playing in junior events to get exposure. As far as the dream (of playing on the PGA Tour), FPD helped me motivate myself to get to the highest level as well as seeing the heros on tour winning.

CL: Who are your heros?

TF: (Laughs) I’m a big Tiger Woods fan. I think anybody that can dominate the sport like he has is pretty incredible.  I also respect a lot of other guys. Playing at Augusta State was big for me. I’ve got two teammates that I played with two to three years in college and they are now on tour. So, seeing them out there is pretty cool and is motivation and proof that I can get out there and get some things done.

CL: You mentioned your time at Augusta State and had a chance to compete on two national championship teams while you were there. What do you remember about playing collegiate golf and your time as a Jaguar?

TF: More than anything, I remember just being close with all my teammates. We always had fun competing with each other and playing in tournaments. Getting to be a part of that match-play tournament and winning the national title is an experience I will never forget.

CL: Your swing coach is Ray Cutright. Talk about how he has helped you develop as a golfer.

TF: We’ve talked a lot lately about the scoring aspects of my game. We’ve been working hours and hours on my wedge game to try and get better. But more than anything, he used to be a good player himself. He played at Auburn and he understands the process that I’m going through. Being able to text or call him after every round if I have any problems is nice. He knows me well enough since we’ve been working together since I was about 11 years old. He knows how I think and knows how to get me to think to get through the process. He is an incredible person to have on my team.

CL: Taylor, thanks for your time today. We wish you the best!

TF: Thanks.

For more on Floyd, follow him on the eGolf Tour website here.


(Photo courtesy of eGolf Tour Media Relations)

(Featured image on main page from Augusta State athletic department)


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