Catching Up with Class of 2013 Athletic Signees

FPD’s student newspaper, The Saga, recently caught up with FPD alumni athletes playing at the collegiate level. The story can be read below.


Alumni Reflect on their Experience Playing College Sports


Co-Editor, The Saga

1. What is your favorite thing about playing a sport in college?

2. Least favorite thing?

3. How do you balance school and sports? Does it affect academics ?

4. Do you like playing? Has it been the experience you thought it would be?

5. What are your future plans?


Caleb Dupree


University of North Georgia

1. My favorite thing about playing basketball is the fact that I get to continue playing the sport that I love in college. I also like all of the free gear we get.

2. My least favorite thing about it is probably the time that it takes up. It’s either basketball or school now that the season has started.

3. Balancing school and basketball isn’t too hard right now because I’m a redshirt so all I do is practice and workout, but there is not much free time during The week. No, it has not really affected my academics.

4. I am enjoying it! It is exactly how I expected it to be and it is just as tough as I expected it to be.

5. I do plan to stay at North Georgia and play basketball for my 4th year, but I’m not sure if I will stay for my 5th year.


Daniel Strawn


Clemson University

1. My favorite thing about college tennis is being able to do what I love every day and be around guys who are the same way.

2. My least favorite is not having very much spare time and having to make sacrifices in social life.

3. Balancing school and tennis has been the toughest thing for me. It certainly affects academics because I don’t have the hour normal students have to study. I have to prepare a daily schedule according to practice times and what I need to study for.

4. I’ve loved it. It definitely is difficult sometimes but I knew what I was signing up for

5. I’m planning on one day applying to medical school and staying at Clemson all four years to play tennis.


Danielle Ferro

Cross Country

Berry College

1. My favorite part of running in college is that it allows me to continue competing. Even if I wasn’t on the cross country team I’d still run on my own so it’s even better that I get to do it with a group of people who enjoy it as much as I do. It also provided an immediate group of friends which was nice.

2. My least favorite part is definitely waking up at 5:30 and running when it’s below freezing. I’m also not a fan of the hill workouts. It’s like Big Bertha times 50.

3. I balance school and cross country pretty much the same as I did in high school. I do think being on a sports team has benefited me academically because there’s less time to procrastinate so I normally get my work done ahead of time. Also, the girls on the team are all really smart so it’s pushed me to work hard.

4. I love being on the Cross Country team. That’s no doubt my favorite part about college. The team is great and I love the higher mileage. It is what I hoped it would be and I’m very glad.

5. I would love to run all 4 years in college. Right now I’m just taking it a semester at a time so I’m really not sure.


Jenna Byrd



1. My favorite thing about playing softball in college is the friendships I have built within the team. It’s more like a sisterhood.

2. My least favorite thing about playing softball in college is I don’t feel like there is enough time in the day.

3. Everyday is so full of classes, practice and you have to eat at some point.It just gets busy! One thing I’m thankful for is our mandatory study hall every Monday and Wednesday night. I manage my time by planning ahead. I can’t wait till the last day anymore because I might have practice. So far it hasn’t effected me.

4. I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Softball is my passion and I’m getting to do what I love while getting my education. I couldn’t have picked a better college than ABAC for me, especially for my freshman year.

5. My future plans are to hopefully transfer and play at a four year college somewhere, if no injuries occur. After my softball career is over I want to get my doctorate in physical therapy.


Sam Joyce


Berry College

1. My favorite thing about playing college sports is always being around and doing everything with my teammates.

2. My least favorite part is 6 AM workouts.

3. Balancing school and sports is definitely hard. Having to go to study hall helps to get your work done though.

4. I love it so far. To play college sports you have to love it, and being around guys who love it as much as you do is great.

5. I plan on playing as long as I can play where ever I can play.

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