Cross Country Continues Its Success In Small Class Division


Pavvo Running, one of the elite running organizations in the nation, has a saying that it lives by, ” Run hard when it’s hard to run,” and one could say that the FPD Cross Country Teams have been doing just that this season. They have competed in every race especially against much larger schools.

Their schedule has been difficult as they have raced against some very large classifications but that hasn’t slowed either team down. It has continued to prepare them for the Area – 1 Meet at the end of October and the state meet the first weekend of November in Carrollton.

The boys team has finished in the top 10 in 5 of their 6 meets. The Clara Bowl Invitational at Berry College, the only meet the boys have ended up outside the top 10, there were only two Class A teams that competed. In the Small Class Division of the meets they have competed in they have finished runner-up in 5 of the 6 races too. The FPD Boys Cross Country team has been consistently led by  freshman Jack Beeland who has finished in the top spot every meet of FPD. Other top runners for FPD include senior Cooper Martin, sophomores Jack Hardy, Wyatt Hicks and Camden Lashley.

The girls have been equally as impressive finishing in the top 10 in 4 of their 6 meets. The girls, like the boys would end up outside the top 10 at the Clara Bowl Invitational due to the amount of large schools competing and they would finish just outside the top 10 this past week in 11th at the Bleckley County Invitational. The girls have finished 3rd or better in 4 of their 6 meets this season in the small division. Top runners for the FPD Lady Vikings Cross Country Team have been juniors Mary Jane Bonfirm, Mia Ferro, sophomore Ann Grace Reeves, and freshman Reese Lefholz.

The FPD Cross Country Teams will travel later this week to Lake Buena Vista in Central Florida to compete in the Disney Invitational this weekend. They return to Central Georgia to compete at MDS October 11th.