Looking Back And Catching Up With Meredith Hunnicutt ’15


Our first monthly installment of “Looking Back And Catching Up With” features Meredith Hunnicutt


FPD Alum Meredith Hunnicutt attended FPD her entire academic career spanning from 5k to her senior year with the Class of 2015. She is currently a University of Georgia Cheerleader and will graduate from the University of Georgia in 2019.


Below is the entire Q & A


  1. When you look back on your time at FPD what teachers, and coaches come to mind?

When I look back on my time at FPD, many teachers and coaches come to mind. Sarah Nixon was my teacher, mentor, and gymnastics coach. I will never be able to thank her enough for the wisdom and encouragement she provided for me during my time at FPD. Chelsea Latimer was also my mentor and gymnastics coach at FPD. Both her and Sarah prepared me with a Christ-centered guidance that heavily influenced my time at FPD, and still does today.

Jessica Murnan, my competition cheerleading coach while at FPD, heavily influenced me as a cheerleader. She provided me with confidence, love, and prepared me with the mindset needed to try-out for cheerleading at UGA. She gave her heart and soul to each of us on the FPD Competition Cheer team, and I can’t thank her enough.

Katie Kemper was also a very important figure to me at FPD. As a former Auburn Cheerleader, she was always there to help prepare me, whether it meant encouraging me while I would stay after practice to work on my skills, or just give me advice and wisdom with her cheerful spirit.

Many other teachers come to mind also. Coach A provided me with a mindset of hard work and character while taking AP Euro.

Dr. Shealy was an inspiration to me with his ability to see the intricate beauty of God through things such as B.C Calculus (which turned out being my favorite class at FPD). He taught with father-like care, and influenced me to pursue a career that sees beauty in the small things, such as mathematics, design, and relationships.

Eric Latimer and Coach Thompson provided a welcoming environment that helped me prepare for college.

Coach Morton, Dr. Chase, and Bob Veazey provided me with a grounded knowledge and faith rooted in Christ, which has been my saving grace while at UGA.


2. How did FPD prepare you academically for college?


FPD prepared me academically for college with its caring teachers and advisors, along with its challenging courses. They made sure to teach me early on how important it was to put forth all of my effort, not because I had to, rather, because I am able to give glory to the Lord through all of my hard work. I took many AP classes, which also prepared me with study techniques and time management skills I still use today in college.


3. What course of study are your pursuing your degree in at UGA?


Interior Design. I was accepted into the Interior Design program my sophomore year.


4. How long have you been a Co-ed cheerleader for UGA?


I have been a Co-Ed cheerleader for UGA for three consecutive years. I plan on cheering again my Senior year, where I will try out for the position as Co-Ed Captain.


5. When did you know this was something you wanted to pursue on the collegiate level?


I knew this was something I wanted to pursue on the collegiate level my junior year of high-school. I was a competitive gymnast all of my life beginning when I was four, and always wanted to do gymnastics at UGA. Because of my consistent injuries in gymnastics, I was still determined to pursue an athletic career at the University of Georgia whether I could do gymnastics or not. Once I got accepted into UGA early in November, I spent my entire Senior year of high-school learning how to co-ed stunt while also keeping up my tumbling skills.

Tryouts were in April, so I spent every day tumbling, conditioning, and learning the specific techniques needed for collegiate cheerleading. Co-ed stunting came easy for me as a former gymnast, because it required tight body positions, balance, and core strength.


6. How did the FPD Competition Cheer Team prepare you to become part of the team at UGA?


The FPD Competition Cheer Team prepared me to become part of the team at UGA because it taught me leadership skills. Being a cheerleader for UGA is more than just cheering on Saturday afternoons “between the hedges”, it requires you to be an ambassador for the entire University. The FPD Cheer Team taught me the importance of positivity, a heart for others and my teammates, and the true meaning behind being a “cheerleader”.


7. Any memories you want to share while you were at FPD and or on the competition squad?


I enjoyed the relationships I had at FPD, especially with the teachers. They are the reason I was able to whole-heartedly go after my goals and succeed in pursuing a career at the university of my dreams!


8. Favorite memory so far as a cheerleader at UGA?


My favorite memory so far as a cheerleader for UGA would have to be cheering at the UGA vs. Notre Dame game this past fall. We were able to tour their campus, which was quite prestige. The game felt like a home game, especially when all of the fans did “light up Sanford” during 4th quarter Krypton Glory. It brought tears to my eyes being able to experience something so amazing! It is hard to describe the feeling getting to cheer on the team you have been a die-hard fan for all of your life. It brings so much joy!


9. Are you ready for the Rose Bowl?


I am beyond excited for the Rose Bowl! This is a once in a lifetime experience, and I am blessed to be able to participate.


10. What preparations have you and the team been doing to prepare?


During Christmas break, I am required to cheer the basketball games at UGA. While in Athens, our team practices so we do not lose any of our stunting techniques needed to cheer at the Rose Bowl. We practice year-round, because we also cheer for:  gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, as well as football. We have required practices and workouts during the semester. I also make sure to workout and stay in shape while on break with the help of my mother, who is a personal trainer!


11. What will your schedule include out in L.A. prior to the Rose Bowl Game?

Our coach has already sent us an itinerary for the Rose Bowl, which I will attach! I am excited to be in the Rose Bowl parade, which I grew up watching as a kid. We depart December 29th, and will come back January 2nd. Once we arrive in California, we are going to Disney California Adventure, which I am excited about! We will be participating in the “Player’s Family Reception Pep Rally”, “Rose Bowl Bash Pep Rally” in downtown Sheraton, “Disneyland Pep Rally” in Disneyland Town Square, and the Rose Bowl Parade.

We will depart the hotel at 5:00 A.M. to head to the Rose Bowl parade before we cheer the game January 1st. I am super excited for this experience, and hopefully will cheer once again this season in the Mercedes Benz stadium when Georgia beats Oklahoma at the Rose Bowl New Years Day! Go Dawgs!



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