Thank You Viking Nation, Middle Georgia & America


Junior FPD Softball Player Karsen Ochs started her “Strike Out Hunger” Campaign with a goal of $6,500 and yesterday with the help of so many locally and nationally the foundation was able to surpass that goal donating $6,827 to the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank this holiday season.


Ochs recorded 148 strikeouts during FPD’s Final Four season and the foundation received $25.72 per strikeout for a total of $3,807. In addition, the foundation also received $3,020 in flat pledges.  Her foundation received over a 40% increase in participation and support from her sophomore campaign who helped team up to “Strike Out Hunger.”  Though her goal was higher and her strikeout lower than the previous year the foundation’s goal was surpassed. As it says in Philippians 2:13, “For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” Ochs, who had 33 fewer strikeouts in her junior year as compared to her sophomore year, experienced a higher donation per strikeout and flat pledges to her foundation’s 2017 goal.


According to Middle Georgia Community Food Bank’s website 96% of the money donated yesterday goes directly into the program ability to purchase meals for those in need in the region. Every dollar donated to the food bank provides eights meals which totaled over 52,000 meals provided by the foundations efforts.


Since its creation three years ago The Strike Out Hunger Foundation to date has donated just under $15,000 and provided almost 120,000 meals.


Ochs is undecided as to what the foundations 2018 goal will be which will also be her senior year at FPD. “I have one more year to strike out hunger from the mound as a softball pitcher for FPD, but I hopefully I can do more than that. My hope is to show others how they can bless a community with whatever their talent is, said Ochs. “It reminds me that I am playing for a win on the field and a win off the field. As one of my coaches said to us leave a legacy for others.”