Viking Student-Athlete Spotlight: Henry Middlebrooks

FPD Senior Henry Middlebrooks is our Student-Athlete Spotlight. Henry has a 3.8 GPA and is the Senior Class President. He is a two-sport athlete competing in basketball and soccer. He has attended FPD since 4k and will graduate later this spring.

Here is our entire Q & A

1. You’ve experienced FPD at every level of your education from elementary to your current senior year. What has that experience been like for you?


Being at FPD from 4k to senior year has been quite an experience. I have seen all of FPD life on every level. It’s been extremely interesting seeing and experiencing life at FPD and how each separate part of my education has been unique at each level while still being interconnected.


Each step has shaped my character and interests individually, starting in pre-k learning presidents by coloring that guy from the quarter to look like batman and developing an obsession to Pokémon.


Then, in elementary developing my competitive spirit through being the first to finish the 12×12 times table, fierce playground football battles (usually ending in a playground football ban), and treating PE like the Olympics.


In middle school (everyone’s glory days) learning new revelations about other parts of the world in geography, tectonic plates and ocean currents in earth science, and being involved in far more extracurricular than every thought possible.


Finally, high school has been a roller coaster for me, it has been a great period of growth for me both physically getting taller and being able to expand my interests into classes with intriguing curriculum to engage in. I’ve learned about the classic novels, philosophers, the central nervous system, even how to make a pinhole camera.


My experience has been a pleasant and fulfilling one that I feel has equipped me to take the next step into college.


2. You’re third generation FPD. Your grandfather was the headmaster, your father is an alum and a current teacher, your brother is an alum and former teacher and you are just a few months shy of graduating yourself. Did you ever feel any extra pressure as a student given your family’s history at FPD?


I would not say I really feel pressure following pop, dad, and walker’s “legacy”. I try to approach everything in life as my step, my choice, my individual decision. Although I have often times been asked “are you going to be the next Middlebrooks math teacher?” to an extent you would not believe.


I’ve gotten the little questions about is it weird having your dad here, or having had your older brother here, etc.


While I will not disagree being in my dad’s class is a little weird, and having your friends take your brothers class is strange, I do not believe this has been a point of pressure in my school experience.


3. Your dad, Ed Middlebrooks is actually one of your current teachers for AP Statistics. Is there anything he does that drives you crazy or you’re like “Dad come on … seriously?” 


Having my Dad as a teacher this year and last has been eventful to say the least. If you know my dad he is known for his trinkets, quit wit, and general expertise in math and sarcasm.


Trinkets wise his cardboard cutouts of Justin Bieber, his weird talking Frankenstein figurine, along with the Gumby gum posters can definitely be questioned.


Every time I glance across the room to see his Gumby poster filled with his prizes (chewed pieces of gum) from the gum chewing violators which are my classmates makes me think, COME ON MAN!


His quick wit and sarcasm kind of speak for themselves, he is just quick with comebacks or funny analogies. He loves telling stories and is a great story teller, sometimes I have to stop him and give him the COME ON MAN, don’t tell everyone how I sucked my thumb as a kid or any other embarrassing stories from my childhood.


He has many COME ON MAN moments but I love him as my father and as my teacher.


4. Who are some teachers who impacted you the most in the class? How or what did they do?


I have had many great teachers here at FPD that have impacted me in many ways for my educational benefit. Mr. Atkinson (Coach A) helped me understand the importance of organization by endless reading notes that paid off and taking notes in a very specific manner which made my notes much easier to find and understand.


Mrs. Newman, started to help me understand reading and poetry on deeper levels than ever imagined.


Mrs. Alvarez, who helped my writing significantly, by stressing guidelines to rhetorical analysis as well as persuasive essays.


Mr. Katzer, who has been instrumental in helping me write more in depth as well as think on deeper and more universal applications to literature.


5. You have competed in various sports during your time as a student. Currently you are a starter for Coach Walton and the FPD Basketball Team and at the conclusion of the season will join the soccer team. Looking back what are some things you have learned from your coaches?


In my High School experience, I have learned a lot from my coaches. In basketball coach Walton has instilled the need for focus, preparation, and diligence. He has harped upon these 3 things for me not only to succeed in basketball and soccer but life as well. He preaches before every game the importance of focusing and locking in, in order to get ourselves going and prepared to set the tone of the game. In practice, he strongly emphasizes preparation and diligence. His focal point is the classic “you play like you practice” and he makes sure we stay diligent in the weight room as well as footwork, play movements, defense, any of it.


In soccer coach Trieste, who has proven again and again that he can win leading many of past and present FPD soccer programs to great seasons. He has instilled a love for the game, an importance upon positioning, and patience. I joined the soccer team my freshman year, after not playing in middle school hopeful but concerned. Coach Trieste, from the get go gave me an opportunity to play and impact the team. From my first game to my approaching final season he has always had faith in me, allowing me to grow as a player.


6. Thinking about all the games and practices what are some of your favorite memories as a student-athlete in any sport?


Some of my favorite memories consist of personal highpoints as well as team highpoints. In basketball and soccer some of my most fond of memories are big team wins when we all just have fun on the court.


My team highpoint could quite honestly be my final home game against MDS, when everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves with two post guys; Wesley and Ja’Cobe taking and hitting 3’s, along with Jordan hitting 5 3’s, Jake with a clean spin move, and Maurice with some ever-impressive dunks.


My personal highpoint is my final game at MDS scoring 31 (although it was really 30, I hit a 3 with foot clearly on line, but I’ll take it).


In soccer, my team highlight would be beating Stratford Junior year, with Stephen hitting his PK upper right 90 to seal the game.


While my personal highlight would be scoring a game tying goal against Putnam with 11 seconds left to tie us up at 2-2.



7. If someone were to ask you why they should send their children to FPD what would you tell them based on your experience?


I would say that FPD is a competitive, nurturing and well-rounded place in the classroom and athletics. I think FPD does a great job of providing classes for students of different tracks and interests.


FPD offers plenty of AP classes for those looking for a more rigorous work load while still providing two sometimes three other tracks that can be taken per year for those looking for less strenuous classwork.


FPD is competitive in the college atmosphere sending a strong majority of graduates each year to great universities.

FPD is nurturing it cares for each student’s experience and plans after graduation.


8. Where are you headed after graduation this spring? What are you planning to study?


After graduation I am planning on attending The University of Georgia in Athens but I have also applied the Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville and have yet to enroll at either so the choice is still open.


I intend to major in psychology and minor in philosophy.


9. Rapid Fire Questions – 

Coke or Pepsi?


McDonalds or Arbys?


Chick-fil-A or Zaxby’s?


Favorite Color?


Favorite Movie?

Lord of The Rings Trilogy

What Super Hero Power would you want?