Student-Athlete Spotlight – Sadie Frame

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Senior Sadie Frame has been nominated by FPD Educators for the Telegraph’s Golden Eagle award for citizenship. Golden Eagle Awards are handed out in 12 categories: English/literature, foreign language, math, music, industrial/vocational, journalism, science, technology, art, athletics, citizenship and drama. Each of the 12 winners is given $1,000 from The Telegraph. The Golden Eagle Awards are given annually each spring and the golden eagle is a symbol long associated with The Telegraph.

Frame, has also been nominated by FPD Coaches for the 11th Annual Vince Dooley Award, and is one of the 10 finalist for the award which will be presented  at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta on May, 12th.

The Vincent J. Dooley Awards and Scholarships are presented annually by Athletes for a Better World and the Georgia High School Association. Each year, every high school in Georgia is invited to select one male and one female senior athlete to receive the Vincent J. Dooley Award. The award recipients are chosen for their distinguished individual character, outstanding teamwork, and citizenship. The recipients of the Dooley Awards in every high school are eligible to become candidates for the Vincent J. Dooley Scholarship – a four year, $1,000 per year, college scholarship for one male and one female athlete, plus a one-time $500 donation to the selected charity of each of the two scholarship recipients.

The award recipients who choose to compete for the scholarship complete an online process and are reviewed by a selection committee, who choose 10 boys and 10 girls as finalists for the Dooley Scholarship. The Dooley Scholarship is then presented to one male and one female athlete.  All award recipients as well as finalists for the scholarships will be invited to a luncheon to receive their awards.

The purpose of the awards and scholarships is to call attention to the high esteem in which the values of hard work, sportsmanship, and community service are held, so that they may become a stronger part of the ethos of participation in Georgia high school sports. Since its inception, nearly $70,000 has been awarded to Dooley Scholarship recipients!

Frame is a four-sport athlete at FPD and has a 3.9 GPA.

Here is our entire conversation

1.        You started attending FPD starting in the 4th grade and now are about two months away from graduating. What has your experience been for you as a student at FPD from elementary through high school?

I’ve had the privilege to call this place my second home for the past nine years.  Saying goodbye will not be easy. My graduating class is basically one big family since we have grown up together. It has been quite a journey.

Lasting friendships have been made and relationships with teachers and coaches will never leave my memory. Each person has made an impact one way or another. And I could not be more thankful. My experience as a whole has been indescribable. I do not regret leaving my old school in 4th grade, because it was the best decision for me and my family.

I am blessed to have spent my time here at FPD and could not be more gracious for every memory.

2.        Who are some teachers who impacted you the most in the class from elementary through high school? How or what did they do?

A few teachers who have impacted me would be Coach Jimmy Turner and Coach Joe Childs. Coach Turner was my middle school bible teacher, as well as my softball coach. His love for the Lord and passion for a sport were so evident that it made me want to have that same passion and love. He was definitely not like any other teacher or coach, he was THE Coach Turner.

Coach Joe Childs was my high school AP United State History and has been my Mock Trial coach for the past two years. Coach Childs has so much joy in his heart for everything he does. Whether it’s about his grandchildren, pursuing us to follow our passion, or encourage his students to learn history, he does it with a smile on his face no matter what.

Both of these Coaches have made my time at FPD memorable simply because of how they live for Christ. They are an inspiration to all. 

3.        You are a four-sport athlete at FPD how have you managed your time academically and athletically?

Honestly, a lot of preparation and practice has been put into the past four years. I have learned how to balance my time, knowing what is important and what is not. There is a reason I am considered to be a student-athlete, not athlete-student. School is of course the most important aspect and grades come first.

My priorities for school and keeping my grades in tact always overcome a sport. It might be the opposite for some people, but you need to have the basics to start anywhere. Lots of nights have been spent at Starbucks until 11 studying or finishing up essays.

Second semester of each year somehow becomes the easiest. And yet, I am playing two sports at once while finishing the year.

It just takes the right attitude and much effort.

 4.        How have your teachers helped you outside of the classroom because of the early checkouts due to athletic road games? How much has that been appreciated?

Teachers have always been available to be flexible when it comes to games. And it has helped tremendously over time! I actually do not like leaving early or skipping a whole day of school because being behind on work or a subject is the worst.

The teachers here have been very willing to work with me and make what is best! I cannot count the times I have had to retake a test before school or spending a few minutes after school for tutoring. They understand that being a student-athlete can be challenging, but they are patient and want you to succeed.

 5.        Currently you are a senior on the FPD Soccer & Track teams, but you also play softball and basketball. What are some of your favorite memories as an athlete?

It’s hard to choose just a few memories with so many people over the past four years. To pinpoint on a few, one big one would of course be winning the 2016 State Softball Championship. The rush of emotions and love is something that will never leave me. And I will always cherish the bond with my teammates that year.

Another one of my favorite memories was back in 2015, when FPD hosted the First Annual Dick Frame Track Invitational. The track is named after my grandfather, who is still a hurdle coach at FPD of almost forty years, and the school decided to include a track meet in his name as well. As one of his hurdlers, I run the 100m and 300m hurdles. The best part about that day was being able to come in first for both events. I could just see the joy and happiness in my grandfather’s eyes. He means the world to me, and watching how proud he was that day is a memory I will never forget.

Since the first Frame Invitational, the school hosted it last year and will continue this year too. My goal is to be able to finish the year saying that I am a three-time winning 100m and 300m hurdler in the Dick Frame Invitational Track Meets.

6. What has it been like to run for your grandfather Coach Dick Frame in track at FPD?

                            Running hurdles for my grandfather means the absolute world to me. My grandfather is my role model. He is battling ALS, other known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and has been for almost ten years. Despite his everyday battle, “Pop” is always out on the track on his little red and black scooter. Watching how he pursues his passion even through obstacles allows me to realize that I can do the same in any tribulation.

His nickname is “Mr. Sunshine” and it’s a no brainer as to why. There is always a smile on his face. I genuinely can say that I have never seen him upset.

His favorite poem is “The Thinking Man” by Walter D. Wintle. At the very end it states, “life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can”.

In a nutshell, the poem explains how if you give up on yourself, you won’t get to where you are going. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. And that is what my grandfather has instilled in me ever since I was a child. I strive to be like him daily. I would not be running track nor be the person I am today without him.

7.        If someone were to ask you why they should choose FPD what would you tell them?

FPD is something else. Families place their kids at FPD because of what we are built on,  “To educate and equip students to change the world for God’s glory”. It’s not every day you find a school that has a mission statement, and truly lives up to it.

If someone were to ask me why they should send their child to FPD, it would simply come down to that you are paying for something greater than just an education. Each student engages into bigger dreams and aspirations than they could imagine.

Not only does your child receive an incredible education, but they become rooted in what the Lord calls us to be as His children.

 8.        Where are you headed after graduation this spring? What are you planning to study?

I plan to head to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

From there, I will study Marketing and hopefully minor in Sports Journalism.

 9.        Rapid Fire Questions –

      i.     Coke or Pepsi?


     ii.     Morning or Night?


     iii.     Chick-fil-A or Zaxby’s?

Chick Fil A

      iv.     Favorite Color?


     v.     Favorite Movie?

Pride and Prejudice

    vi.     What Super Hero Power would you want?