Vikings Win & Lady Vikings Finish Runner-Up Track Meet Results 3/21/18


The Vikings Track & Field teams had their third track meet of the season at the Dick Frame Track Complex competing against Stratford, Mount De Sales, Gatewood, John Milledge, and Tattnall.

The boys would finish first with a score of 146.33 points and the girls finished runner-up with 107.5 points.

Below are the scorers for each team from yesterday.


100m Dash 

Mac Grice – 6th place, 12.00, 1pt

200m Dash

Blake Jones – 4th place, 24.98, 4pts

400m Dash

Stephen Summerow – 6th place, 57.89, 1pt

800M Run – 

Cooper Martin – 2nd place, 2:14.74, 8pts

Jack Neisler – 5th place, 2:45.42, 2pts

1600m Run 

Jack Beeland – 2nd place, 5:12.98, 8pts

Wyatt Hicks – 4th place, 5:42.56, 4pts

3200m Run

Jack Beeland – 2nd place, 11:54.99, 8pts

Wyatt Hicks – 3rd place, 12:16.37, 6pts

110m Hurdles 

Titus Moore – 1st place, 14.75, 10pts

Harry Greer – 5th place, 20.41, 2pts

300m Hurdles

Titus Moore – 1st place, 41.94, 10pts

Harry Greer – 4th place, 49.18, 4pts

4 x 100m Relay

Blake Jones, Stephen Summerow, Mac Grice, Titus Moore – 2nd place, 45.94, 8pts

4 x 400m Relay

Blake Jones, Jack Hardy, Cooper Martin, Titus Moore, 1st place, 3:49.68, 10pts

Matthew Hurt, Stephen Summerow, Jack Beeland, Harry Greer, 5th place,  4:01.34, 2pts

Shot Put

Ja’Cobe Singletary – 2nd place, 42-07.00, 8pts

Wyatt Wilson – 5th place, 37-04.50, 2pts

Discuss Throw 

Blaine Kizer, 1st place, 117-08, 10pys

Hunter Squires, 3rd place, 108-05, 6pts

High Jump 

Mac Grice – 4th place, 5-02.00, 2.33pts

Pole Vault 

Bowen Kramer – 3rd place, 9-00.00, 4pts

Jack Hardy – 3rd place, 9-00.00, 4pts

Long Jump

Titus Moore – 1st place, 20-08.50, 10pts

Stephen Summerow – 5th place, 18-05.00, 2pts



400m Dash

Maggie Davis – 3rd place, 1:07.25, 6pts

800m Run

Reese Lefholz – 1st place, 2:52.46, 10pts

Abbie Burns – 6th place, 3:10.35, 1pt

1600m Run 

Reese Lefholz – 2nd place, 6:26.44, 8pts

Avery Kemper, 3rd place, 6:26.49, 6pts

3200m Run 

Avery Kemper – 1st place, 13:55.56, 10pts

Mary Jane Bonfim, 3rd place, 15:11.04, 6pts

100m Hurdles

Caroline Rutledge – 2nd place, 18.39, 8pts

Tyler Beech, 6th place, 20.13, 2pts

300m Hurdles

Caroline Rutledge – 2nd place, 55.16, 8pts

4 x 100m Relay

Heather Smaha, Maggie Davis, Mary Daniel Windham, Sadie Frame – 4th place, 55.37, 4pts

4 x 400m Relay

Heather Smaha, Maggie Davis, Reese Lefholz, Sadie Frame – 2nd place, 4:47.00, 8pts

Wimberly Thigpin, Abbie Burns, Tyler Beech, Emory Churchwell – 5th place, 5:04.15, 2pts

High Jump 

Eden Hill – 3rd place, 4-04.00, 4pts

Jazlyn Faison – 6th place, 4-02.00, .50 pts

Pole Vault

Cassie Sutton – 2nd place, 7-00.00, 7pts

Long Jump

Heather Smaha – 3rd place, 15-01.50, 6pts

Laney Skipper – 6th place, 13-06.75, 1pt

Shot Put

Mo Register – 3rd place, 28-09.25, 6pts

Discuss Throw

Mo Register – 77-08, 4pts