MS & JV Cheerleading




2020 - 2021 JV Cheerleading Spirit Roster
Cheerleader Class
Samantha Belote Sophomore
Madelyn Black Freshman
Aimee Comer Sophomore
Avery Harper Freshman
Amelia Hardy Sophomore
Holly Hatcher Sophomore
Nalani Higdon Sophomore
Chava Jackson Freshman
Maci Lefholz Sophomore
Bella Marshall Freshman
Lily McBride Sophomore
Tallulah Neal Freshman
Nyah Sardoma Freshman
Isabel Stokes Sophomore
Anna Thompson Sophomore
Mabry Tolbert Freshman
Elizabeth Ward Sophomore
Jarrett Ward Sophomore
2020 - 2021 Middle School Cheerleading Spirit Roster
Cheerleader Class
Sadie Bryant 8th
Alaina Gresham 7th
Mary Corbitt Hartness 8th
Caroline Hetes 8th
Merritt Holmes 8th
Maggie Hunnicutt 7th
Ellie Jarrard 8th
Amelia Kemper 7th
Bree Lefholz 8th
Banks Marshall 7th
Syndi Norris 8th
Bennett Pelissier 7th
Channing Perkins 8th
Maggie Pruett 8th
2020 - 2021 Middle School Spirit Cheer Coaches
Coach Title
Alex Minter Head Coach
2020 - 2021 JV Spirit Squad Cheer Coaches
Coach Title
Mandy Buckner Head Coach

Upcoming Events

GHSA Football Playoffs - Second Round - FPD hosts Calvary Day (Savannah)

FPD will host Calvary Day (Savannah) in Round 2 of the 2020 GHSA playoffs. FPD advanced with a 49-7 win over Heritage (Newnan) in the opening round and Calvary advanced on a forfeit. Go Vikings!
When: Fri December 4 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM