MS & JV Swimming

2020-21 Middle School Swimming Schedule
Day Date Time Location Boys Result Girls Result
Friday 10/30/2020 6:30 PM Northside Pool First Place First Place
Thursday 11/5/2020 7:30 PM Mercer University First Place First Place
Monday 11/16/2020 7:30 PM Mercer University First Place First Place
Saturday 12/5/2020 11:30 AM Northside Pool --- ---
Friday 12/11/2020 6:30 PM Northside Pool --- ---
Friday 1/8/2121 6:30 PM Northside Pool --- ---
Monday 1/11/2121 6:30 PM TBA --- ---
Friday 1/22/2121 6:30 PM Northside Pool --- ---
2020-21 Middle School Swim Roster
Roster (alphabetical) Grade
Hadley Anderson 7th grade
Mariebelle Bosse-Jospeh 8th grade
Sydney Brumbelow 6th grade
Jacob Burnsed 7th grade
Zoie Burnsed 7th grade
Ella Rhys Cochran 6th grade
Grayson Dumpe 7th grade
Estella Edwards 6th grade
Smantha Gray 6th grade
Ren Harden 8th grade
Reece Hatfield 7th grade
Mac Huffstetler 6th grade
Samuel Hunt 8th grade
Merritt Holmes 7th grade
Jenni Jarrad 8th grade
Mary James Justice 7th grade
Chandler Katzer 8th grade
Kate Kitchell 6th grade
Elcee Leslein 7th grade
Suzy Li 8th grade
Wynne Pearson 6th grade
Parker Rwalings 6th grade
Avery Thaxton 6th grade
2020-21 Middle School Swim Coaches
Coach Title
Elizabeth Leslein Head Coach
Holly Scott Assistant Coach
Christian Baumgarth Assistant Coach
Casey Smith Assistant Coach

Upcoming Events

GHSA Football Playoffs - Second Round - FPD hosts Calvary Day (Savannah)

FPD will host Calvary Day (Savannah) in Round 2 of the 2020 GHSA playoffs. FPD advanced with a 49-7 win over Heritage (Newnan) in the opening round and Calvary advanced on a forfeit. Go Vikings!
When: Fri December 4 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM